Wild Child Fitness

Wild Child Fitness




Climb the walls.  Throw the balls.  Have some fun.  Wild Child After School Enrichment programs bring the fun to you.  Spend an hour after school with your friends having fun, building strength, and burning energy!  One hour of sheer fun!



And build your brain while you’re at it.  Because moving your body and pumping your heart helps your brain learn faster and more efficiently.  Regular cardiovascular exercise has been proven to improve brain function.  What a great way to learn!



Get happy!  Moving also makes you HAPPY!  We combine fun games, obstacle courses, and camp leaders to make this a program kids and their friends LOVE to attend.  And because it’s right at your school, parents love it, too!

All the benefits, none of the hassles.

Wild Basin Fitness has created a fun and energetic fitness program, called Wild Child available now at select elementary schools in Leander ISD.  Promoting fitness, nutrition, and over all health, this hour long class helps kids move their bodies, learn age appropriate exercises in our fun circuits, develop core and body weight strength, and dial in to some helpful nutrition tips.  End the hour with a fun obstacle course that will have their hearts racing and burn some energy with a way to track their progress!

Our goal is to help children see the benefits of exercise, as well as start enabling them to have control of their own bodies and be ready for the next step of fitness in their lives.

Enroll online with Leander ISD.