What Our Clients Say About Wild Basin Fitness

I cannot tell you how much our family loves, appreciates, and respects Scott Woolwine! We gave our 13-year-old son, Brian, a few sessions with Scott for his birthday present in December. Needless to say, he has not wanted to miss a week since. Since January, Brian has shown more pride in his health, more respect for his coaches and teammates, and more confidence in himself as a young man. I have no doubt that this is in large part attributed to his relationship with Scott.

Scott pushes Brian to levels of physical and mental strength that Brian has not seen before. Scott instills in Brian the confidence and passion that Brian carries with him long after his workout at the gym. The athletic director at CRMS came down to my classroom early this spring specifically to tell me that he had noticed a difference in Brian…that Brian is working hard to achieve personal goals and that he is not holding back in their off-season workouts at school. Later, Coach Sanders (at Vandegrift), recognized Brian as the hardest working young man on the field after the first week of summer camp. Brian did not put forth this kind of effort (nor did he get these types of recognitions) before training with Scott.

Brian respects Scott (as do I) because of Scott’s genuine concern for Brian as an athlete as well as a young man. It is a daunting task to raise a young man in 2010…and I appreciate leaders in our community who make the investment in our youth. I am very proud of the young man that Brian is becoming.

I just wanted to let you and Wild Basin Fitness know that you definitely make a positive difference in our community!

Kirsten M.

Last year, after reviewing some game film and as a spectator, I noticed that Colton needed to work on his running technique and agility. I approached Scott Woolwine at Wild Basin Fitness because he has the ability to relate to kids and I knew that Colton would benefit from his small group training. Colton enjoyed training with Scott and he was always excited about attending the next training session. Wow did it ever pay off. Colton had a great year playing middle linebacker with his season best 11 tackles in one game and at running back with many great runs. The difference between last year prior to training with Scott and this year, was remarkable.

It is now post season and Colton is back in training with Scott, enjoying every minute of it. Scott’s enthusiasm, great attitude and sports training knowledge is second to none.

Kenny S.

I will be your “poster child” for this program anytime. I truly believe it gave me my life back. After 14 years of chronic lower back pain, I can now sleep without my ice pack, Aleve and special pillow under my knees! This was so easy to follow and I never felt deprived. Every time I think about maybe NOT going to workout..I just remind myself how I never want to go back there (the pain) again!! Thanks!

Dana W.

Once I joined Wild Basin Fitness in February 2009 and began following Ryan’s tailored workout program, I realized I was on the right track to achieving my goal. I travel a lot for work and Ryan structured a program that I was able to accomplish in a wide variety of hotel gyms and even in places where no gym was available at all.

Lee F.

I work-out with Kirk Leavell or Ryan Helms regularly. The first few times I trained with Kirk, I struggled. I could barely make it through a workout. But he worked with me to get through those first few weeks and months, challenging me just enough. In addition to working-out, Kirk taught me how to eat, when to eat, what to eat, and what not to eat. I had to relearn everything I thought I knew. Make no mistake, this is not a diet plan. (I’ve done plenty of those in my life.) This is a new lifestyle for me. And I honestly don’t miss the old one.

I was 40 years old when I started working out. Now I feel as if I’m capable of anything I set my mind to.

Tom H.

When I first started with Kelly I thought I was in pretty decent shape, but after my first session I realized otherwise! Kelly has shown me that a combination of weights and cardio will get you the best results.

Erica S.

Wild Basin has a family-like atmosphere, where I am greeted by my name with a smile. The facility has a fantastic view and is filled with natural light that makes it a pleasant place you want to be. It is a positive and uplifting experience compared to larger “number oriented” gyms. Through personal attention and positive motivation, the Wild Basin team enabled me with the right tools to achieve my goal…To feel good about myself!

Angie P.

I have gained confidence in myself that I can do the exercises that I see others in the gym doing. I have also learned that you need to enlist others to help you along the way.

I have made it my personal challenge to continue on my journey to be healthy. Over the last few months, my body has been making changes that I don’t think I have ever seen before!

Barbara B.

Since I joined Wild Basin and committed to working with a personal trainer my level of fitness has increased dramatically. I have more energy and stamina that helps me throughout my tough work and travel schedule. In my opinion, Wild Basin is a professional gym that is committed to improving the fitness of its members. The staff is knowledgeable and serious about their craft. They are a pleasure to work with.

Brandon B.

Though hesitant at first to work out with a trainer, I found I enjoyed the experience of group training twice a week. Not only have I had the support of Keith as my trainer, but also my group-training peers have provided me with another level of encouragement to attain my results. Keith not only pushed me hard in the workouts at Wild Basin Fitness, but he also provided me with nutritional guidance that helped me tremendously in meeting my goals.

Stephanie M.

My view of training changed completely when I joined Wild Basin and began working out with Kirk. Kirk’s workouts are varied and target different muscle groups every session. Not only is he a great trainer, but also he is a great motivator and uses different techniques for different people. I schedule my day around making my workouts with Kirk and leave the gym pumped about the next session.

Clay S.

The trainers and instructors at Wild Basin are highly trained, experienced individuals. They are the best of the best!

Stormy V.

Twenty-four group training sessions later and I feel great! It has been six years since I have consistently had a workout routine after having two children 15 1/2 months apart and no desire to workout while being pregnant.

Tiffany worked with me to achieve the stamina and determination I needed to push my limits. With her unique training, she helped me lose inches, tone, regain my core and build muscle, all while keeping my heart rate up. I also lost 10-15 pounds in 24 one-hour sessions.

Thank you for reshaping my life!

Leslie R.

Wild Basin Fitness is a great blend of excellence, strength, and whole lot of fun! The personal attention you receive when you walk in the door makes the experience truly special. The atmosphere, the people and the views make it feel like home, and every time I leave, I can’t wait until I return. Wild Basin Fitness is one of my favorite places to be in Austin.

Kristen T.