Summer Camps

At Wild Basin, there is no off-season.  Summer is the time to work and feast.  Our annual summer camps give athletes the chance to hone their physical conditioning, improve their speed and agility, and boost performance in their individual sports.

Youth Football/LaCrosse Ages (5-11) Camps

New for 2015, Wild Basin offers two new summer camps especially for Four Points Youth Football and LaCrosse players. Building on our popular and successful WBFX Athletes program, Wild Basin now offers training for our youngest athletes. For years, we’ve been training student athletes, with over 30 of our students going on to become collegiate scholarship athletes. Many of these kids have trained with us since middle school and we are happy to expand our program to elementary athletes this year.

5-10 Year Olds

An age-appropriate strength and conditioning program (body weight only) for our youngest athletes, ages 5-10.  Using body weight exercises and drills, kids train with their friends in a challenging entry-level program while improving their overall strength and conditioning.

Ages:  5-10
Cost:  $200
Camp Length:  4 weeks
Days/Times:  Tues/Thurs 10:00 am
Dates:  6/5 to 7/3   or   7/6 to 7/31

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11-13 Year Olds

For athletes ages 11-13, our program not only builds strength and overall conditioning, but helps develop foundational skills for middle school and high school competition.  These classes will be comprised of friends from various Youth Football and LaCrosse teams at this level.

Ages: 11-13
Cost: $300
Camp Length:  4 weeks
Days/Times: Mon/Wed/Fri 10:00 am
Dates:  6/5 to 7/3   or   7/6 to 7/31

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Elite Athletes


Wild Basin continues to offer Summer Camps for our older and elite athletes.  For kids ages 12 through college, this program offers intense training on our indoor and outdoor facilities.  The physical conditioning is coupled with learning mental toughness and leadership skills, making these kids leaders both on and off the field.  With programs available for both intermediate and advanced athletes, these camps help kids in all sports (including football, baseball, tennis, soccer, track, basketball, and swim) achieve their personal bests.

Ages: 12 to Collegiate
Cost: $20-$40 per session, depending on package
Days/Times: M-F, times vary by sport, gender, and level
Sessions:  6/8 to 8/19

Note:  Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages of 5 or more and can be used on any day by 8/19/15.  Unused sessions are non-refundable.

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