About Us

At Wild Basin, we take our training seriously.  Serving Austin since 1996, we employ some of the finest and most experienced trainers in the state and they all live within our community.

We are also locally active and proud to sponsor many community and school groups, including:

  • Vandegrift Football, Baseball, Basketball, Girls Basketball, Track, Band, and Dance programs

  • Four Points Middle School and Canyon Ridge Middle School booster clubs and PTAs

  • Steiner Ranch, Laura Bush, River Ridge, River Place, and Grandview Hills elementary school PTAs

  • Four Points Pop Warner

  • Steiner Stars Swim Teams

  • Steiner Serves and Mobile Loaves and Fishes

  • Lake Travis Christmas Hope


Scott Woolwine

As lead trainer for our WBFX Athlete Training program, Scott Woolwine brings a level of seriousness and commitment to our athletes.  Not only is Scott an excellent trainer, he is also a coach and mentor to his clients.

As a former high school and college athlete, Scott has trained under Kirk Leavell and been a member at Wild Basin Fitness since he was 13 years old. He has a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in anatomy and exercise physiology. Scott previously worked as the strength and conditioning coach at St. Stephens and has coached football as well.

He has led numerous exercise and conditioning camps for all different sports. Scott not only focuses on multi-functional and injury prevention exercises, but believes building mental strength is very important to the training process.


Kirk Leavell

Wild Basin Fitness is Kirk’s dream come true.  He has had a love of sports and competition all of his life and grew-up participating in every athletic event he could manage.  Kirk succeeded in five different sports in high school and went on to play baseball and win a national championship in track and field at the collegiate level.

He majored in Kinesiology at Blinn College and Sam Houston State University and feels the combination of an education and a lifetime of personal experience has allowed him to reach a professional level of understanding of how exercise and healthy eating can positively affect the body.  Kirk’s dream of owning his own fitness facility has come true because his clients have had such remarkable success in obtaining their goals under his direction


Julie Leavell

Julie Leavell holds a B.S. Degree from Sam Houston State University in all-level Kinesiology with an emphasis in teaching and coaching.  Julie has worked in youth fitness for 10 years through the YMCA, summer leagues, and coaching middle school athletes.  For the past 8 years, Julie has been involved with adult fitness here in Austin.  She enjoys offering diversity to her clients with weights, outdoor runs and hikes, and water exercise.

Julie’s philosophy for a healthy mind and body involves a well-rounded individualized routine of strength training and cardiovascular activities that enable a person to feel great about themselves while enjoying their workouts!  Julie enjoys training herself and in her free time has been involved in area triathlons, running events, kick boxing, wake boarding, and marathons.  She believes keeping workouts new, interesting, and fun is the key to a lifetime of physical wellness!


Ryan Helms

Native Austinite and Texas A&M graduate Ryan Helms joins WBF at Steiner Ranch from our Westlake location. A lifelong athlete who participates in a variety of outdoor sports, Ryan admires people committed to improving their overall physical condition. Dedicated to results, Ryan helps his clients to achieve their best, whether they are professional athletes or beginners. He focuses on elevating his clients’ workout intensity to a higher level than they can attain alone.

Ryan also makes it a priority to educate his clients, ensuring their confidence and ability in the gym. He believes a nutritionally sound diet as well as a routine of strength training and conditioning must be cultivated to sustain overall wellness. Ryan creates individualized programs based on his clients needs and incorporates activities his clients enjoy and prefer. Expect toenjoy a diverse variety of activities and challenges in his classes and training programs.


Amber Janak

Amber Janak joined Wild Basin Steiner Ranch just months after we opened our doors.  She brings with her a true love and passion for an active lifestyle.  An avid tennis player, Amber also enjoys wakeboarding, bicycling and snowboarding.  Oh, and she’s also competed in 5 triathlons.  She’s spent two years polishing her training abilities under Wild Basin owner Kirk Leavell and manager Ryan Helms.

Amber’s engaging personality and willingness to do anything to support the staff and clients at Wild Basin has won her tons of fans.  Her clients love her attitude and her willingness to help them, no matter what shape they are in.  Her sense of commitment and her enthusiasm is obvious in her training style.   “I really just want you to try,” says Amber.  “Life is more enjoyable when you can be fit, have fun, play harder and not get injured, which allows you to continue to be active with your kids, spouse, friends, etc.”