Student Sports Conditioning

Student Sports Conditioning

“It’s not how big you are, but how big you play.”

Give your kids the competitive advantage they need both on and off the playing field.  Wild Basin’s Student Sports Conditioning Program not only prepares kids physically for the field, but improves their mental focus as well.  And because this program is implemented by professional personal trainers and coaches, you know you are getting the best quality instruction available.

Our Sports Conditioning Program is geared towards kids, not adults.  Growing bodies need special direction and our focus is to improve strength and cardiovascular conditioning in a safe, age-appropriate manner.

This summer, choose the program that delivers results in cardiovascular conditioning, agility, and strength.

Our Group Training programs train kids in small groups for individualized attention.  Choose the right level for your kids and either 2, 3, or 4 days per week of training.

Flight 1

Specially developed for kids ages 8-11, this flight focuses on entry level drills, form and foundation building, and sports-specific drills.

Ages:  8-11
Level:  Beginner
Sessions per Month:  8, 12, or 16

Flight 2

This intermediate level continues the focus on form and foundation, with football and sports-specific drills.  Designed for athletes that have been involved in group training before, this level incorporates more strenuous training and provides additional challenges.

Ages:  12-14
Level:  Intermediate
Sessions per Month:  8, 12, or 16

Flight 3

Primarily for high-school level athletes, this level of training incorporates 3 or 4 days of outdoor training, boot camp style.  With a wide range of total body conditioning activities, this level of training prepares athletes with advanced football skills and sport-specific drills.

Ages:  14 and up
Level:  Advanced
Sessions per Month:  12 or 16 only

Note:  The first week of Flight 3 requires mandatory two-a-day training to prepare for the rest of the course.  There is no additional fee for the extra workouts that week.