Why You Should Care About Your Fitness


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Author: Michael Greeves

Fitness Life

You may be on the ropes and just about to give up on your fitness. The problem is that if you throw in the towel, you will suffer the consequences. There are myriad reasons why you should honestly care about your fitness, and they go well beyond caring because someone says you should. Think about how your fitness affects so many parts of your life.


When you are fit, you can work more effectively and efficiently. Virtually every job has physical demands. In some jobs you have to do manual labor, lifting and working with tools. Being fit will help you succeed. Even if you have a desk job, you will benefit from the alertness, enthusiasm and positive attitude you get from being fit and healthy.


A whole new world of leisure opens up to you when you become fitter and stronger. Without being very fit, you might amuse yourself by watching movies or playing board games or taking short walks. When you improve your fitness level, you can get in on a whole range of group sports like baseball, soccer, football or hockey. You can try individual sports like skiing, swimming or hiking. You might even want to take on challenges like hang gliding, mountain climbing, snowboarding or surfing. The possibilities are practically endless.


You can enhance your relationships by being fit and healthy. Think of it this way. You will rarely have to break dates because you are not feeling well. You will not practice self-destructive behavior that might upset your partner, relative or friend. You will be focused on making something good out of life rather than tearing people down. Your relationships are sure to improve as you become fitter.

Finances and Insurance

You might wonder where the advantages of fitness are for your finances. For one thing, you might be eating less junk food and eating less excessively overall if you are practicing better fitness. That is money in your pocket. You will also save money by getting lower insurance rates, not only for health insurance but also for life insurance. In fact, if you are too out of shape, you might have trouble getting insurance at all.

Quality of Life

Fitness vastly improves quality of life. You will feel better, be sick less often and enjoy life more fully. You will be able to find a higher measure of satisfaction because you will be able to live up to the challenges of life with vitality and confidence.

Life expectancy

If you want to live a long healthy life, you have a much better chance if you are fit. You can live with health and happiness, abundant opportunities for recreation and a positive attitude about life. Care about fitness earlier in life, follow through and you will reap the benefits in your retirement years. Fitness makes for a better life both now and in the future.


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