Muscle Up, Trim Down


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Author: Michael Greeves

Get Lean & Build Muscle

There are many benefits to gaining muscle. When many people think of losing fat, the first thing that comes to mind is losing weight. If you are strength training to gain muscle while trimming the fat, you won’t lose weight, but you will gain the most valuable thing possible, which is your health.

When you begin your fitness program, you’ll need to make some very important changes. Diet is the first. This does not mean going on a diet, it means changing the way you eat entirely and knowing your daily calories. You’ll need to replace unhealthy foods with health ones and eat six to eight small meals a day instead of three large ones. This will include snacks. The meals will be strategically placed so that you are always able to feel full instead of feeling hungry and searching for something to eat that might or might not be good for you. The key is dedication. Buy only foods that you should eat and cut out those stops at fast food restaurants or a vending machine. That way you won’t be tempted by other foods you should not eat.

The next step to your program will be developing your training workouts. If you are going to strength train, you’ll need to add exercises that will accomplish your goal of gaining muscle. This will include some form ofcardiovascular exercise to rid your body of the unwanted fat and strength training exercises to begin building the muscle.

Strength training is intense. The exercises you choose will depend on your specific goals. As you exercise each muscle group, your muscle fibers will be broken down. When this occurs, they’ll need to recover in order to prepare you for the rigors of your next workout. This is why you don’t strength train every day. Your muscles will actually begin to grow during the muscle recovery process.

As you lose the fat and gain muscle, your body will begin to undergo some important changes. You will be much healthier, you’ll get in shape and you will tone down. The strength you will also gain will be important to your overall fitness and every day activity. Though your actual weight may not change, at least not at first, your body will look lean. The reason your weight will probably remain the same is muscles weighs more than fat. As you lose fat and gain muscle, you may even find you weigh a bit more than you did before. This is a good kind of weight because it is healthy muscle instead of unhealthy fat.

As you muscle up and trim down, you’ll find yourself feeling and looking better than ever before. Activities that may have once seemed impossible will now be no problem at all. The benefits you will gain are literally endless, which is why obtaining this new physique will actually become a way of life.



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