Muscle, Strength and Power


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Author: Michael Greeves

Muscle, Strength & Power

Imagine having an amazing physique that will put you in the absolute best physical shape of your life. When you combine muscle, strength and power, you are taking fitness, mma, and bodybuilding to the ultimate level.

You build muscle through strength training. As your muscles are broken down and then recover, they become stronger. Add extreme intensity to your workouts and they’ll become much larger as well.

The key to building strong muscles is dedication. This requires hours at the gym completing exercises you never thought possible. The key to your success will be increasing the amount of weight you lift during your strength training. You may wind up decreasing the number of sets and reps as you go along, but the increase in weight is what will really make the difference.

Strength training will build both lean muscle and strength. Light strength training tones your muscles, but intense training is what will make you much stronger than you’ve ever been before. You’ll look and feel amazing.

The power you can acquire will also serve you well. You will need to add exercises to your routine that use explosive movements. These will exercise your fast twitch muscle fibers and enable you to be faster and more powerful.

Put all three of these factors together, and you have one incredible set of results. Your workouts will contain different types of exercises designed to build muscle, strength and power. While you may focus on different parts of your body on certain days, the entire routine will build muscle, strength and power throughout your entire body.

You should begin and end all your workouts by dynamic stretching. This will get your muscles limbered up and decrease your chances of injury. Some people choose to do a little light cardio before stretching at the beginning of the workout, but stretching will prepare your muscles for what is to come.

Light cardio at the beginning will really make a difference. You need this to warm up your muscles. You can perform it before you stretch, but dong so afterward will be quite effective.

Hit different muscle groups on different days. The key is to work them to the max, then give them time to recover. While one group is recovering, you’ll exercise a different group. That is why alternating days is a great idea. You give one group time to rest on a day when you work another. It’s a very effective way toget ripped, build muscle, strength and power.

Dedicate yourself to the task at hand. Add exercises that will truly net you the results you desire. Work everyday on staying healthy. This means eating a well-balanced diet. What you eat is just as important as the exercise you do each day. Most of all, listen to your body. Pay attention to what it is telling you and rest when you are in need of it. You’ll be back at the gym working hard again at achieving that unbeatable combination before you know it.


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