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Author: Michael Greeves

Muscle & Strength

When you are preparing to embark on a rigorous workout program, you must decide how you want to train. You can train for muscle, for strength or for both. Training for both is a good idea because it enables you to incorporate intense exercises into your regular program, lose fat and build substantial muscle.

Training for both muscle and strength takes time and dedication. You will need to structure your workout routine to target each major muscle group. Training for muscle involves attacking your muscle fibers with heavy resistance. You train them hard so they break down, then recover. The recovery process will help them grow stronger, then the entire process begins all over again. Training for strength can vary inintensity. You can train to simply maintain lean muscle in your body, in which case your routines will not necessarily be intense. When training with the intent of gaining muscle mass, you will need to put together a routine that will work your muscles to the max.

How you exercise will determine the way in which your muscles grow. You can hit the gym to perform various sets of exercises with several reps each, alternating different muscle groups on different days. This is what many people who are training for both muscle and strength choose to do because it gives your muscles a much needed break to recover and grow. The key is to decrease the number of sets and force out reps over time while increasing the amount of weight you lift. This is what will push your muscles hard and make them develop more quickly.

Adding compound exercises to your routines will help when you are training for both muscle and strength. These are two exercises combined into one. An example of this would be completing wall sits at the same time as dumbbell raises. This targets different muscle groups while shortening the amount of time you are actually performing the exercise. Compound exercises help you build more muscle in half the time and are great to add to any routine.

What you eat also matters in a very big way. Your diet is very important to building both muscle and strength. When conducting high intensity routines, you need a lot of protein. You can get it in various foods you eat as well as dietary supplements that are available in any supermarket or health food store. Protein aids in the recovery process of your muscles and will help shorten the time you will spend outside the gym so you are better able to maximize the time you spend working out.

Training for both muscle and strength is more than just putting together a simple routine. It’s about setting goals and constantly expanding them in order to achieve optimal results. Once smaller goals are met, you will be able to set larger ones. It’s an ongoing endeavor that takes perseverance but is very rewarding in every aspect of life.


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