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Author: Michael Greeves

Gain Max Muscle Fast

If you are looking to build muscle quickly, the information in this article is for you. Now you can gain max muscle in half the time and really begin seeing results very quickly.

There are several ways to build max muscle in half the time. The following tips will help you begin to experience changes in only a very short time.

You undoubtedly live a busy life and want to receive stunning results in a short period of time. This will allow you to pay attention to a wider range of activities when you aren’t working out and provide more time for your muscles to recover. When you think about burning calories and losing fat, cardio probably comes to mind. Increasing cardio is easy, You simply increase intensity, time and distance or incline. Maximizing your strength training intensity, however, is a bit different.

Getting better results for strength training isn’t always a matter of increasing the amount of weight you lift. It isn’t even all about increasing the number of reps you perform in each set. Adding reps takes longer which would definitely not give you max results in less time. The good news is there are ways to amp up your strength training and see much better results while taking even less time to do it.

Add compound exercises to your routine. This is where two exercises are joined to form one that is more effective. One example of this would be combining a squat with a military shoulder press. This gives you the squat and shoulder press. These two movements will maximize the muscle you build in half the time because you are completing two separate “complex” exercises in the time it would take to execute one.

Don’t use the workout machines. By using a few sets of free weights, preferably dumbbells, you will be able to target each muscle group in your body without wasting time transferring from one machine to the next. It won’t take much space to complete an entire dumbbell circuit so you can even execute these exercises from home if you so choose.

Try unilateral exercises. While this may not seem like it would give you maximum results in minimum time, you may be surprised at what you learn. Unilateral exercises include: single-leg squats, one-arm dumbbell rows and single-arm lateral raises executed with a band. This works because unilaterally trained muscles are able to produce more force and improve core strength by using lower back and abdominal muscles for maintaining good posture, coordination and balance while you exercise. This also thoroughly trains the stabilizer muscles which create a solid framework at the hip, core and shoulders.

Try the tips above and see just how much muscle you will gain in only a very short period of time. The results may amaze you.


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