Muscle Burns Calories


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Author: Michael Greeves

Burn Calories with Muscle

Have you ever wondered how many calories you are burning each time you work out to build muscle? Muscle actually burns more calories than fat. Finding an exact number on this can be difficult at best, but studies have shown that roughly one pound of muscle can burn anywhere between 30 to 100 calories each day. People who are untrained can lift weights and burn from 30 to 35 extra calories for each pound of muscle that is gained. Other studies, however, show that one extra pound of muscle only burns around six calories each day. These studies conflict because there are many factors involved in burning calories while gaining muscle.

The different studies conducted have used various methods for testing metabolic changes that occur after exercise. There are also a number of mechanisms involved with increasing metabolism. They include: age, gender, fitness level of each individual and how active a person is as a whole. There is also quite a bit of controversy surrounding how much exercise actually influences metabolism.

As you work out, you will begin gaining muscle and burning calories as you go along. The key to figuring out just how much muscle burns calories is to pay attention to your own body. You will be able to determine how much muscle you are building as you track your lean body mass. You can also keep a calorie count and keep up with the number of calories you burn. Over time, you may begin to see a pattern. The more muscle you build, the more calories you will probably burn. While this may not give you an exact number, it can serve as an indicator.

If you are not interested in adding extra muscle weight you may want to perform more work during your training sessions using metabolic circuit training and thereby increase the caloric output. For example, you burn approximately 0.190 kcal/min per kg of bodyweight during weight training. If you spend less time resting your caloric output will go up.

Whether you actually know how much muscle it takes to burn a certain number of calories will not be as important to your daily routines as other factors. You know strength training is incredibly important for building muscle and losing fat, and when that is occurring in your body, you know for sure you must be burning calories. You will body will remain strong and healthy and you can reap some very important benefits.

Talk to others who strength train and find out how much muscle they build and the number of calories they are burning. You may even find their numbers are somewhere around yours. If this is the case, you will be able to get a better idea of just how much muscle burns calories. A trainer may also be able to provide you with information that will be very useful as you continue to enhance your overall fitness plan. Keep in mind you are working toward a very significant goal which is to build muscle while burning calories. The more you strength train, the more you’ll see this occur. Over time you will see the results that will answer your question and keep you on the road to good health and a stunning physique.



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