Five Rules for Female Muscle Building


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Author: Michael Greeves

Five Rules for Female Bodybuilders

Female muscle building is different from body building for men. For one thing, the goals are different. The goal for most men is to lift as much weight as possible to build as much muscle as possible. The goals for women are much different in nature. Most women only want to lose fat, tone muscle, and look their best. To that end, there are five rules to female muscle building that you should keep in mind before and while you are working out.

1. Learn form and technique. Without proper form and technique you will not effectively tone and buildlean muscle mass. In addition, you could injure yourself trying to lift weights if you are not doing so correctly. The best way to learn form and technique is to talk to a personal trainer. Even if you do not work with a personal trainer throughout your training, getting in touch with one at the beginning of your training can be extremely beneficial.

2. Consistency is key! Do not just work out for a couple of months and figure you look good enough so you are going to quit. Female muscle building does not work that way. You have to dedicate yourself to your goals of looking your best and shedding fat while building muscle tone. Even after you reach your goals you have to keep up with your strength training workouts to avoid losing what you have gained.

3. Be careful about how much weight you use. Your goal isn’t to lift as much weight as possible. It is to gain muscle proportionate to your body type to look your best. Don’t try to overdo it. Start out with a moderate amount of weight and work your way up. At the same time, make sure you are using enough weight that your muscles are overloaded with each workout. This is necessary for breaking down and building muscle tissue. Using too much weight will increase your risk of injury, while using too little weight will not be effective. If you aren’t sure how much weight to use, err on the side of caution and inch your way up in weight until your muscles are being driven through the paces.

4. Recovery is an important key to female muscle building. When you work out your muscles are actually broken down. They need time to rest and recover in order to rebuild and become stronger and more toned. Do not try to work out every day, but rather every other day should be sufficient. This gives the muscles plenty of time to rest between work outs. Another option is to work a different set of muscles each day so that each muscle group has several days to rest and recover.

5. Diet and nutrition cannot be avoided. You will not build muscle if you are eating a ton of chocolate every night. Complex carbohydrates should be eaten in the morning and before work outs to provide the energy you need for your work out and your daily activities. Proteins should be eaten after work outs to build muscle.



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