Lean Muscle Building for Warriors


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Author: Michael Greeves

Muscle Workouts for Warriors

Warriors of all types need to build lean muscle mass during their workouts. Whether you are a warrior for your country or a combat sports fighter, you need to build lean muscle. Lean muscle building is building muscle while shedding fat, so that there is very little fat in the body. This is necessary for warriors because warriors need hard bodies that can withstand the turmoil of hand to hand combat. Additionally, there are generally weight limits to most combat sports as well as in the military, and it is important to stay within those limits while still building muscle mass.

In order to build lean muscle you have to put your body into what is called an anabolic state. This is when your body builds tissue. In order to put your body into an anabolic state, you have to have a combination of cardio and strength workouts. The best way to build lean muscle is to combine these two types of workouts into one. This can be done through circuit training or by wearing weights while doing cardio exercise such as running.

There are three main activators for getting your body into an anabolic state and building lean muscle mass. The first is intense strength training. The best way to start out in strength training is by doing body weight exercises. This includes things such as sit ups, pushups, and chin ups, where you are using your own body weight to work the muscles of the body. Once you have reached a fitness level where these exercises are easier you can begin using free weights. The goal here is overloading the muscles so that they have to work harder to perform the tasks you put to your muscles.

The second activator for lean muscle building is intense cardio workouts. Interval training is the best way to do this in such a way that you put your body into an anabolic state. If you do aerobic exercise the way you are used to doing it, you will not have the same results. Interval training is a different kind of cardio exercise. Instead of doing a long distance run, you do short sprints at your fastest speed, then slow down and jog for a few minutes, then another sprint at your fastest speed. This not only puts your body into an anabolic state and builds lean muscle, but it also increases your speed, endurance and reflexes.

The third activator for lean muscle building for warriors is diet and nutrition. You should take in a high protein diet to build lean muscle. However, the key lies in when you eat the most. Your biggest meal should be within three hours of your work out. This is the window of opportunity when your muscles take in the most calories and proteins in order to rebuild what has been torn down in your work out. This is the key to building lean muscle mass.


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