Get Better Results in Less Time with Circuit Training


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Author: Michael Greeves

The main goal of any weight lifter is to burn fat and gain muscle. There are many ways you can go about doing this with your workouts. However, it is proven that the best way to do this is through circuit training. Through circuit training you will be able to burn fat more quickly and work the muscles more efficiently.

Circuit training consists of working various muscle groups or your full-body in a circuit. First, you might work the triceps. Then you move on to the quads, then the biceps. The most common form of circuit training can be found in boot camps. Most boot camps alternate upper and lower-body exercises. For example, leg exercises with arm exercises or bench presses. You do one set on each muscle group, and then start over again. Do this again and again until you have reached your optimum number of sets for each muscle group.

Circuit training does several things for your body. First, it is more effective in burning fat than a regular work out. In a regular workout, you do one set, rest for a few minutes, then do another set. This does not get your metabolic rate up, as it is only anaerobic exercise.

When you do circuit training, you move continuously, keeping that metabolic rate up, getting your heart rate up, and effectively turning your work out into both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. This is better for the heart. At the same time, you are still giving your muscles a few minutes break between sets. Circuit training also makes sure that you are not ignoring any part of the body, as the training focuses on working the entire body each and every workout.

As with any other type of strength training, it is a good idea to change up the exercises you use to work each muscle group one a weekly or bi weekly basis. This keeps the muscles from adapting to the strain you are putting on them, and keeps them working hard to complete each circuit. The harder your muscles have to work at the end of a set, the faster you will build muscle and see results.

Circuit training provides better results in less time, especially for those who are trying to both lose weight and build muscle. This is due to the fact that the metabolic rate increases, burning more fat than a regular workout. Circuit training is also recommended for MMA athletes, as it increases endurance and stamina while also building and strengthening muscle groups.

Remember that circuit training alone will not help you meet your goals. To get even faster results, you need to be on a high protein, low fat diet that will promote repair and building of muscle. You should particularly ensure that you are taking in protein within three hours of your circuit training work out. This is the time when the muscles are most receptive to absorbing protein, as they need it to repair and rebuild after being broken down in the work out.


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