Muscle Building for Male Teens


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Author: Michael Greeves

Male Teens & Muscle Building Workouts

Many male teens want to build muscle and look for the best workouts for adding muscle mass. As male teens go through puberty they may be overweight and need to muscle up, burn fat by speeding up their metabolism and lose weight. Other teens have the opposite problem and are too skinny. These males may seek muscle building workouts to pack on the muscle weight. Boys especially want to build muscles as they want to look good so they can go out with the prettiest girls or the girl of their dreams.

When a male teen has muscles it may make him more confident. He will become more of the alpha male in the room versus sitting back and being more of the guy in the background. The alpha male walks into a room and takes control of it. There may be more than one alpha male in the room and you can pretty much tell which ones they are. They are the males talking to the girls, the males that walk with straight posture and their heads held up high.

Surely most male teens want to have this type of confidence. You can get muscle building now with a few tips to help you.

If you are a teenager and want to build muscle, do not look online and buy steroids. Stay away from steroids. There are too many risks with steroids. Plus, do you want testicular atrophy or gynecomastia (the development of male looking breasts)?

Make a list or talk to your parents about eating healthy. Let them know you want to start muscle building and you will need to eat certain foods. Your parents will probably be grateful for this information. Your folks may keep junk food out of the house and they, too, will become more healthy as well. Let your parents know you need to eat complex carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins and good fats.

You should consult your physician for a physical before starting any type of workout program. You can ask your physician if you can take a high multivitamin because you will be doing muscle building. He or she can direct you to the correct vitamins to start taking for maximum healthy results.

During muscle building change your workout routine around. Focus on two muscle groups per day. The following day do another two areas of muscle building, etc. You can do your muscle building three to five times per week if you so choose. This will leave you with ample time to get your homework done if you are still in high school or college. You can get your cardio exercise by joining football, soccer, swimming and any other type of fast paced sport.

When doing your workout make sure you only rest for one minute or less in between repetitions so you get quicker and better results.


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