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Author: Michael Greeves

Sports performance training involves three major fitness components. If you are looking to improve your game no matter what it is, you must eat a healthy diet, strength train and train for speed.

A healthy diet is comprised of many different foods. You need vitamins, minerals and protein n order for your body to function properly and to grow stronger. Muscles in training need to be fed frequently in order to properly recover and grow.

You should eat five to eight small meals a day. Separate them into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You can even use dietary supplements to obtain some of the nutrients you need. Protein bars, shakes, and other vitamin supplements work well for making sure your body receives enough fuel to sustain frequent physical activity.

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Concentrate on vegetables, fruits and lean meats. This is where you will get the bulk of your vitamins, minerals and proteins. Chicken and fish are great sources of protein.

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Strength training is the second important fitness component of improving sports performance. This is also often called resistance. Here weights and cables may be used to facilitate the growth of muscles. Weight training can come in the form of free weights or machines. You can choose to train at home, but a gym will probably give you the most options. Cable machines are also used for resistance training.

The exercises you perform will work each muscle group in your body. Strength training is so intense that you should only do it three to four times a week. When you are working to gain muscle mass, you will be pushing your muscles to their limits. They will require sufficient time to recover which is why you need a few days throughout the week to rest. Some people choose to work different muscle groups on different days. Alternating like this gives your body a bit of a break while allowing you to concentrate on only a few groups during the course of a session.

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Training for speed is the last component. This is where you will work your fast twitch muscle fivers. Fast twitch fibers are what allow you to move very quickly and utilize short, explosive movements. This is a very important part of many sports.

Running sprints will train your fast twitch muscle fibers as will executing exercises that use short, explosive movements as described above. Improving your overall speed will help you run faster, throw more quickly and farther and will increase your reaction times. These skills are crucial to a number of ports. Training for speed should be undertaken three to five times a week.

Don’t forget to add cardio exercise into your fitness routine. You will probably get plenty of cardio when playing your chosen sport, but make sure to supplement it with 25 to 45 minutes of nonstop exercise three to five times a week. This will round out your training program and help you remain healthy.


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