Muscle Building for Sports Performance


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Author: Michael Greeves


Muscle Building for Sports Performance

Athletes always wonder about muscle building for sports performance. Back in the old day’s people did workouts that didn’t help make play sports better. But now with a better understanding of how muscles are used and built people are now able to focus workouts that will help them play their sport better and increase sports performance.

The trick though when trying to build muscle for sports performance is to understand what your body needs to help you compete in your particular sport. People who compete in baseball will need a much different program then people who compete in basketball. People who compete in basketball will need a much different routine than someone competing in downhill biking.

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Then when you get deep into the sport you are playing it is also important to understand that you need to focus on muscle groups that help you play your particular position better. For example in baseball an outfielder needs to focus their attention on building muscles that can withstand short powerful bursts that will help them chase after a ball faster. They will also need to focus on building up the strength in their throwing arm in such a way that will allow for quick movement and power.

While an outfielder needs to work on those types of things a first baseman needs to work on muscle groups that will allow them to stretch for balls while keeping their foot on the bag. They don’t need to spend much time much time working on overall throwing strength.

When building muscles for sports performance it is also important to understand what type of muscle endurance you are looking to have. People who compete in sports like marathons and long distance biking will want to focus on building up aerobic endurance and strength. This type of endurance will help the muscles last longer with less fatigue.

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Ice Hockey players on the other hand who utilize a lot of energy over a short period of time and need to recover quickly will want to focus on building up anaerobic endurance. This type of endurance of the muscles will help the ice hockey player do a short, powerful stint on the ice, take a short break and return to the rink with the same energy they had at the beginning of the game.

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When thinking about muscle building for sports performance it is a great idea to work in some plyometric exercises. These plyometric exercises are designed to produce powerful and fast movements. Plyometric exercises are done to help train your muscles for what they will be doing in your particular sport.

Plyometric exercises are great for muscle building for sports performance, but should only be done once you have achieved a high level of fitness. These exercises are meant to be very intense and shock the body into a routine movement.

Whatever sport you are building muscles for it is important to focus your energy on the muscles that you need the most. Building the wrong types of muscles for your sport will not only hinder your ability to compete at a high level, but it could also cause injury.



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