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Author: Michael Greeves

Peak sports performance usually comes after solid preparation. Your mind, your body, and your personal habits should all be in a state of readiness for optimal performance. Make sure you cover all the bases before you step onto the field of play.

Physical Conditioning

Increasing qualities like strength, power, and agility are all done well before the day of the competition. If you have spent time in the gym working out, it is easier to have peak sports performance. Your body has the ability to do the moves you ask of it, and you do them without hesitation.

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Sports-Specific Technique

Practice in your specific sport is crucial if you want to do the best you possibly can. After hundreds of times practicing moves that are used in your sport, they will come so naturally that your body will follow the form you have learned. You will not have to think about the basic moves at all; they will be virtually automatic.

Game Nutrition and Hydration

You should follow a certain set of nutrition and hydration guidelines before every match or game. The last calories athletes take in should usually be high in carbohydrates, in most sports. After participating in your sport for awhile, you will learn the best timing for your pre-competition nutrition to get your best sports performance.


Many athletes find that their peak performances come after they pay respect to some form of pre-competition routine. Stress, after all, can be brought about by the changes in life. Every time the athlete faces a new opponent, a new venue, or a new competition, there is change. Relying on simple routines will help give the athlete an anchor to hold onto that he can touch and see.

Mental Preparation

Sports performance is based, to a large part, on mental toughness. This is true of nearly every sport. Players need to work on controlling anxiety, setting reasonable goals, and gaining self confidence. They need to understand the challenges they face, whether they do it by watching videos of their own related events or by learning more about their competitors. With the nature of the event in mind, they must prepare their thought for successful coping and positive energy.

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Communication can improve sports performance in team sports, and even in individual events. Learning how to get your message across to your teammates or coach will help you accomplish your goals. Even if you are at a competition by yourself, you need to be able to communicate well with the people officiating at the sport.

It is not easy to meet your highest expectations at every event. The best way to arrive at peak performance more often is to be ready physically and mentally to deal with every possibility. That kind of versatility is a by-product of positive experience and preparation.



  1. Ken Erickson01-03-13

    So many athletes ignore the mental toughness part of the equation. Thanks for not leaving that out!



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