Berry Sangria


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There’s nothing like a nice cool glass of Sangria in the summertime.  And if you add fruit to the wine, it becomes healthy, right?  Here’s the recipe for Wild Basin Wild Berry Sangria.

1 large bottle Red Zinfandel

3-4 cups of cranberry raspberry juice cocktail

2/3 cup sugar

1 container of strawberries

2 small containers of raspberries

1-2 small oranges, sliced

Combine the wine, cran-raspberry juice, and sugar in a pitcher.  Stir until the sugar dissolves.  Slice the strawberries.  Blend half the strawberries and half the raspberries in the blender with a little juice until smooth.  Mix it into the wine mixture and chill.  Add the raspberries and sliced strawberries to the pitcher or into individual glasses just before serving and garnish with the orange slices.  Mmm…

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