Strength and Core


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Build the muscle, lose the fat.

Build strength and improve your core conditioning with this variety of body-sculpting classes.  From Total Body Conditioning to Skills & Drills, buiild your body from the ground up.

Total Body Conditioning

In this class, anything goes!  Use bands, medicine balls, stability balls, and good old-fashioned calisthenics to get a total body strength, conditioning, and core workout.

Strength & Sweat

A total body interval class with dozens of exercises, drills, and spinning.  Using balls, balance trainers, and free weights, this class is adaptable to all fitness levels.

Butt, Hips, & Thighs

Build strength, flexibility, and shape in your butt, hips and thighs in this fun 30 minute class.  Add this to your regular workout for a great booty builder.

Core Essentials

Strengthen and tone your core muscles for better balance and strength in your abs and back.  Using weights, mats, and balls, you’ll build your core strength which supports your entire body.


Sculpt all your muscle groups in this class using lots of equipment for strength and resistance training.  Improve overall strength, endurance, and metabolism.