Eric and Russ


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Russ H. and Eric C. aren’t your average workout partners that lift weights and do some light cardio. The two can be found at Wild Basin in the am hours lifting, sprinting, pulling, throwing, jumping, lunging and even skipping. Russ and Eric have a knack for creative routines and pushing each other beyond their limits.

“Eric and I motivate each other and in many ways, each workout is a competition because both of us are really competitive” says Russ. We enjoy working out at Wild Basin because it is a gym where their are no rules, no limits and no status quo. We like to train like athletes and that mirrors the style of the trainers at Wild Basin. Everyone in the gym is busting butt, with sweat dripping from their foreheads and that motivates us to do the same.

As Eric says, “people don’t workout at Wild Basin, they train and they train hard. Everyone in the gym is giving 110% effort – and if you’re not you feel guilty about it and likely one of the trainers will let you know about it…and I love that! “

As mentioned, the two workout partners train and train hard. One of the routines you’ll find them doing once a week is what they call ‘400 Club’ – that’s 400 push-ups, 400 sit-ups and 400 air squats in 40 minutes. “Muscling up is not our goal. We have 60 minutes to workout and we we are non stop doing cardio conditioning, core training and strength training”, states Eric.

Our training has become a regiment of our daily lives – it’s a part of our work day that starts early in the am before all the conference calls, emails and chaos begins. But getting to the gym helps make us more effective professionals as we are both believers in the philosophy of “sound body, sound mind”. Wild Basin helps us make that philosophy a reality!