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Shake Your Booty Off!

Get your heart pumping with these fast-paced cardiovascular workouts. From Cardio Kickboxing to Latin Zumba Dance, these classes burn calories and melt fat in a fun and exciting environment!

Power Cycle

Join us for an indoor cycling workout in a group setting.  Classes simulate proper cycling form and bike position while taking you through a variety of terrains.  All fitness levels welcome; a perfect class to take at your own pace.


Ditch the workout and join thie party!  Zumba fuses exotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away.  Tone & sculpt your body while burning fat and having fun.

Cycle Sport

Part spin class, part circuit training.  This fun class incorporates the best of your favorite spin classes with strength training for a total body workout.

Core Cycle

This cycling class is your usual spin class on steriods.  Join us for 70-90 minute rides on Sunday mornings.  Not your usual ride in the park.

Strength & Sweat

A total body interval class with dozens of exercises, drills, and spinning.  Using balls, balance trainers, and free weights, this class is adaptable to all fitness levels.

Trail & Street Running

Drills, long runs, intermediate runs, trails runs.  You name it, this class probably has it.