Sean Scott


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Sean Scott has worked in the fitness profession for over 15 years. He focuses on a philosophy of overall wellness that encompasses both physical and mental health. Sean wants his clients to feel good about themselves from the inside out and is committed to helping them reach their personal fitness goals, as well as find balance within their lifestyle. This includes educating them about healthy lifestyle choices in their diet, water intake, sleep patterns, physical activity, and meditation.

In the gym, his workouts are dynamic in that he consistently challenges his clients while meeting their individual needs.Sean believes fitness is an ever-changing industry which demands up-to-date knowledge. He is passionate about continuing his own education to better serve his clients through professional seminars and conferences. Along with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, he is a licensed massage therapist and a C.H.E.K certified Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach. Sean loves interacting with people through his work at Wild Basin. He considers himself very lucky to help people better their lives everyday.

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