Pop Tart


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1 refrigerated pie crust (i.e. Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust)
6 Tablespoons Jelly/Jam

Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.

Roll out the pie crust and cut each into twelve 3×5 rectangles (12 rectangles total)

Spread 1 generous tablespoon of jam on half of the rectangles and top with the other half. Crimp the edges & prick top with a fork.

Baked at 450 for 8 minutes.

Yields: 6 poptarts

107 CALORIES; 6.9g FAT (2.2g saturated fat); 0mg CHOLESTEROL; 135mg SODIUM; 10.4g CARBOHYDRATES; 0.2g FIBER; 0.9g SUGAR; 0.9g PROTEIN


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