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Colin Kaslow has been a personal trainer here at Wild Basin Fitness since graduating from The University of Texas in 1999.  Colin is a well established trainer working with both men and women of all ages and fitness levels ranging from professional athletes to post surgical patients.

Creating workout programs specifically designed to meet your individual goals, Colin teaches proper exercise technique along with an emphasis on proper nutrition as a foundation of wellness and health that will help you attain a healthier and stronger body.  Colin combines cardiovascular and strength training, core stability, nutrition, nutritional timing (when you should eat certain kinds of food), flexibility, hydration, and balance drills as his methods to help his clients attain better health.

A love and passion for helping others is the inspiration and reward for Colin as a trainer.  He has experience working with many types of injuries, pregnant women (both post and during) , pro athletes (volleyball, baseball, golf, and cycling), young athletes, couch potatoes, and elderly clients.  So do you want to live a healthier life, do you want to lose weight or inches, improve your athletic performance or prevent injury, rehabilitate from an injury, or improve your strength or muscle size?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions. Colin is the right trainer for you.

Colin has enjoyed a carrer competing in professional beach volleyball tournaments when not at work, as well as playing with his dog,watching live music, and cooking. Colin has B.S. in Kinesiology from The University of Texas.  He is a certified corrective exercise and active isolated stretching (AIS) therapist.  For the last four years he has also worked for Spinal Wellness and Rehab Clinic in both those fields while also personal training here at Wild Basin Fitness.

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